Senan Biotech supporting people in their rehabilitation and recovery programmes
with natural, proven solutions to help them restore strength, energy and vitality.

Our Products

About Senan Biotech

The Senan Biotech range is natural, safe and convenient to use. The four products are self-management solutions in the form of a patch and supplements.

The non-transdermal patches give patients control to manage their self-care of chronic pain, sleep, work-related burnout and supportive care by applying the patches to specific proven locations on the body..

The Senan Biotech patches stimulate points on the body using phototherapy to help manage symptoms. The patch uses structured bio-molecular crystals to emit specific wavelengths of light for the production of phototherapy effects.

The technology embeds light-reflecting and light-emitting materials to restore energy emitted by the body. The patches are applied to specific points for the ailment and are left in place for up to 12 hours. When the patch is placed on the surface of the skin the technology provides the ability to safely transmit specific wavelengths of light to optimise certain biological functions such as pain control…

Patch Composition

Top Layer
The top layers is high density medical-grade polyethylene plastic that is impermeable to moisture and other environmentale factors.

Middle Layer
This layer contains organic crystals, composed of stereoisomers of amino acids and sugars, which are embedded into a polyester fabric to create a crystalline matrix. When activated by body heat it emits specific wavelengths of infrared and visible light.

Bottom Layer
A layer of medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive is applied to the bottom side of the patch. Making the patch easy and convenient to apply and also holding it in place for extended periods of time without any affect to the skin.


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